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  • Build Your Own Value Stream Map with Lean

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Build Your Own Value Stream Map with Lean

Why do so many organizations get stuck in fixing local problems without solving organizational ones? How does a leader or team member see and understand the big picture? Do you struggle with helping your company or clients to understand the entire workflow to be able to make better decisions that can make huge improvements? Would you like a powerful visual tool to express the entire workstream to a large audience so that it is clear what areas need improvement?

If so, then this is the workshop for you.

Format: Workshop

Target Audience: agile coach, leaders, product managers, senior management

Audience Level: Intermediate

Location: Governor General

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Paul Heidema

Paul is an experienced Transformation guide, Scrum and Kanban trainer, and Agile coach. For more than 8 years in Agile and more than 16 years in technology, Paul has learned to focus on empowering others, leadership through deeds over words, and the power of co-creating self-organizing teams. He has worked with dozens of teams, many dozens of leaders, and hundreds of managers. Paul loves to give back through more than 40 articles, facilitated workshops, and plenty of conversations. Connect to him through his LinkedIn profile to keep in touch and to support innovation and collaboration.

Junbin Huang


Junbin Huang is an agile coach who utilizes his breadth of technical experiences (from product development, to solution design testing) to bring new perspective to current situations.  He has a strong focus in breaking down problems and exploring solutions together with his teams.  He is often found asking tough questions to bring the team towards a common understanding (since effective communication is half the battle!).



Feel free to reach out to Junbin @