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Here are some instructions and tips for making bulk purchases on Eventbrite:

  1. Go to the Eventbrite registration page (see button below)
  2. Click on the green Register button
  3. Choose the quantity of tickets - you can purchase up to 20 per order
  4. Click on the green Checkout button 
  5. Enter the buyer information - name, e-mail, credit card and billing address information are required.
    1. The buyer does not have to be an attendee, but will be the person paying for the tickets.
    2. It is recommended that the buyer create an Eventbrite account at this point if they do not have one. This will enable them to log into Eventbrite at a later date to update attendees associated with the order.
    3. Toronto Agile does not issue refunds. If you are uncertain of exactly how many tickets you will need, start with a minimal number and create additonal orders later if needed.
  6. Enter attendee information - name, e-mail address and e-mail distribution opt-in information is required.
    1. If you don't know who will be using the tickets yet, use temporary names (e.g. Sonia1, Sonia2, etc.) and plan to sign into Eventbrite later to update them.
  7. Click on the Pay Now button to complete the purchase.

If you don't know who will be using all of the registrations for an order, we recommend that you get them updated prior to two weeks before the conference so we can print name badges. We'll also do a scan of the registration database and contact any buyers with attendees that look like temporary names. Attendees who show up the day of the event without a printed badge will be directed to a separate registration line to have a new badge printed for them (which will delay their entry into the conference).