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November 12, 2016 - Agile Ontario Breakfast Meeting. Join the mailing list for more details

November 14, 2016 Toronto Agile Community Annual Conference

November 16, 2016 - Agile TO Meetup

The Toronto Agile Community is a non-profit, volunteer group founded to bring together agile enthusiasts and expand agile practices in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Keynote speaker: Doc Norton

The Toronto Agile Community presents the 8th Annual Agile Conference being held at the Hilton Toronto on Monday, November 14th

The theme of this year's conference is Organizational Leadership.  For more details, please see our  Conference Program page  

Keynote: Leadership starts with an invitation - Doc Norton

Who among us has not been invited into the homes and hearts of others? Who among us has not invited others into our homes and hearts? Every deep relationship begins with an invitation. Indeed, every great, beautiful, and even tragic endeavor shared by humans throughout history was begun with an invitation. An invitation to believe. An invitation to act. An invitation to achieve. An invitation to become.

As a leader, this is your role - To invite others in to share in your passion and dreams. To invite others to contribute in their own unique way to that which you hope to create. To invite others to share in achieving your goals and resulting success. You become the host for the event. You craft the environment, you propose a purpose, you establish boundaries, and you invite others to participate.

With each invitation, you create a new opportunity. And with each invitation, you take a risk. As host, try as you might, you cannot control all aspects of the event. And you must choose; choose when to intervene and when to allow the unexpected to become the new course. You are both actor and observer, simultaneously in charge and subjugated. And whether it is a success or failure may still be a debate long after the event is over, but no matter how it comes to a close, it starts with an invitation.

About Doc

 Doc is passionate about working with teams to improve delivery and building great organizations. Once a dedicated code slinger, Doc has turned his energy toward helping teams, departments, and companies work better together in the pursuit of better software. Working with a wide range of companies such as Groupon, Nationwide Insurance, and Belly, Doc has applied tenants of agile, lean, systems thinking, and servant leadership to develop highly effective cultures and drastically improve their ability to deliver valuable software and products