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  • It's Not About The Tools: Facilitating Effective Meetings Across Distance

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It's Not About The Tools: Facilitating Effective Meetings Across Distance - with Sue Johnston

A face-to-face conversation is the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team. So states the sixth principle of the Agile Manifesto.
Reality comes with a big "however." Work-at-home, outsourcing and inter-company partnerships mean that, more and more, we find ourselves in meetings where other participants are not in the same room. They may be around the corner or around the world. Some organizations invest in powerful tools to make this arrangement work well - or, sometimes, not so well. Others make do with audio only. Are we fooling ourselves when we call these events "meetings?" Maybe. Yet they're part of our world, so why not make the most of them?
In this lively session, you'll examine a proven pattern for facilitation, discover ways to overcome the challenges of virtual meetings and learn techniques that encourage meaningful participation. Most of these require more focus and ingenuity than expense.
Sue will share some of the techniques she learned as a teleworking pioneer in the '90s and a trainer of coaches, via distance, since 2003. Join us to explore ways you can bring your meetings with remote participants to life and respect everyone's time - including your own. 


Tools mentioned: Picture/email, Zoom, Google docs, Trello, Weave, Stormz, WebWhiteboard.


About Sue Johnston

Sue helps you talk so people listen, listen so people talk, and change the world one conversation at a time.

Teamwork is at the heart of Sue‘s work as a coach and trainer. After a career as a reporter, she moved to corporate communication, supporting change initiatives and technology implementations. She believes interactions between people are the critical communication in organizations and has trained hundreds in communication and coaching. Sue has degrees in business and psychology and certifications in communication and coaching. She’s the author of Talk To Me: Workplace Conversations That Work.