The Toronto Agile Community is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ontario, Canada. The Toronto Agile Community solely runs on the efforts of volunteers, of which some are listed below.

Lawrence Ludlow

Lawrence has been using Agile techniques since 2000 to help development teams deliver successful software solutions. Day to day he focuses both on helping project teams deliver better software faster and also project definition and planning. Lawrence’s specialty is using Stories for scoping and developing strategic development plans for projects of all types and sizes. Lawrence is a Professional Engineer with over 20 years experience in project management and delivery in multiple technical fields. Lawrence is very active in the local Agile Community, for the last 6 years he has run the XP/Agile Toronto Community Group and has presented at a number of meetings.

Michael Sahota

Michael acts as a catalyst to help organizations get the results they want. His “we value people” approach uses open, participatory decision-making that leads to lasting results and sustained growth. He works collaboratively with leadership teams to build trust, safety, and engagement to drive success.

Michael’s background includes almost 20 years of professional and management experience in Information Technology with entrepreneurial and enterprise companies. He is one of 60 Certified Scrum Coaches worldwide. In addition to 13 Years experience with Agile, Michael is a regular speaker at international conferences and regularly delivers keynotes. He is continuously and passionately learning new ways to foster client success. Michael is a founder and organizer of the Toronto Agile Software Development Community.

Michael is a praised author on working with organizational culture, his Blog is in the Top100 of Agile Blogs worldwide.

Frank Vanderzwet

Frank is a team member with an appreciation for lean ideologies. In various roles on a team he enjoys focusing on simplifying process and reducing current and future errors.

Sriram (Sri) Natesan

Sri has coached multiple teams, business units and organizations, and has helped deliver value to customers and business to accomplish their goals. He is passionate about iterative and incremental product development. An ardent believer in continuous learning, he seeks to learn new concepts that help delivering products and creates an impact for customers. He loves to attend meetups and events around Agile/Lean and engage in intellectually stimulating conversations with practitioners, aspirants and enthusiasts from around the world.

I'm interested in volunteering! How can I help?

Contact us by email at

You are welcome to help with growing the Agile community with our existing programs and events or to propose new ones.

We are currently organized in these focus areas:

  • Program/Keynote
  • Partner Workshops
  • Sponsors
  • Venue/logistics
  • Registration
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure (tooling)

Every volunteer is expected to sign up for one or more focus areas and to contribute 6+ hours per month. We expect you to live the Agile values of collaboration and teamwork as well as be able to manage your own time effectively.