2020 Conference Program

The program for this year’s conference on November 6th is now finalized. The full schedule is summarized in the table below. To obtain additional information on a session, click on the title (which is linked to the detailed submission on ConfEngine).

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal and helped to contribute to a great program for this year’s conference!

TimeActivityLake OntarioLake ErieLake HuronLake MichiganLake SuperiorLake WinnipegLake LouiseLake SimcoeGeorgian Bay
9.30 - 9.45Introductions
9.45 - 10.45KeynoteDivision to Unification: My Personal Agile Journey - Scott Ambler
10.45 - 11.00Break
11.00 - 12.30Morning SessionsDrafting a Leadership Vision: Enable Your Team to Achieve Breakthrough Results (by Changing Your Behavior) - Paul Tevis [90 min]The Lost Leader: The Evolving Role of Managers in Agile - Sunny Dhillon [90 min]Inclusiveness is not merely a cease fire - Mike Edwards / Ashley Johnson [90 min]The Efficiency Metric: Myth or Reality? - Neil Peterson [40 min]Enter the Dojo - Growing DevOps, Agile, Practices that Stick - Joel Tosi [40 min]Securing your pipes with a TACO - Peter Maddison [40 min]Plan to Win! Electronic Board Game - BETA test - Teri Christian [40 min]Retrospectives Gone Bad - Mark Levison [40 min]Networking Channel
Break (11.40 - 11.50)
Remote work or under house arrest? - Vanessa Humphreys [40 min]DevOps and SRE culture and practices as Center of Excellence - Jorge Luis Castro Toribio [40 min]UX Culture and Agile product innovation with Design Sprints - Girish Khullar [40 min]Coaching with “Skin in the Game”: How to be an Effective Embedded Agile Coach - Jason Schreuder [40 min]Measuring outcomes ... or how to get meaningful metrics - Gino Marckx [40 min]
12.30 - 1.15Lunch
1.15 - 3.30Afternoon SessionsEver wondered what truly gives Agile momentum? - Greg Pitcher / Chris Williams [60 min]Break Through Workflow Bottlenecks with Value Stream Mapping - Steve Pereira / Donald Phillips [60 min]Workshop: Post-COVID Journey To Innovative Success - Gunjan Syal [60 min]What can we learn about our Agile Transformations from Wardley Maps - Dave Sharrock [60 min]How Product Management Takes an Active Role in Technical Agility - Gil Broza [60 min]Retrospective Magic: Tips from neuroscience and psychology to improve your retros - Mike Bowler [60 min]Backlog Priority Games: activities to facilitate discussions with your stakeholders, online edition - Christine Frayda [60 min]Contract Driven Development: The Death of Integration Hell - Naresh Jain [60 min]
Break (2.15 - 2.30)
Using Kata to drive continuous improvement in your personal life, team and organization - Raj Mudhar [60 min]Integrated Agile: How to gracefully manage the reality of agile mixed with waterfall in today's organizations - Erkan Kadir / Brock Argue [60 min]Agile Dependencies: When "going cross-functional" is not an option - Fernando Cuenca [60 min]Accelerate Your Agility With Mobius Loop Outcomes - JF (John Francis) Unson / Thoralf J Klatt [60 min]The Infinite Game: How to lead with an infinite mindset - Stephen Shedletzky [60 min]Hacking Organizational Design for High Performance - Michael Sahota [60 min]I can keep my promises! Product Management with Kanban - Martin Aziz [60 min]Better Questions, Better Connections, Better Community - Erin Randall [60 min]
3.30 - 3.40Break
3.40 - 4.10Closing PlenaryHigh-Performance Teams in a Virtual World - Richard Kasperowski and Molood Ceccarelli
4.10 - 4.30Closing Presentations