About Toronto Agile

The founding of the Toronto Agile Community (TAC) dates back to August 2008.  That year the Agile Alliance  held their annual conference in Toronto.  That event spurred a follow-up conversation involving several members of the local community in May 1999 at the Ryerson University pub, following a monthly Toronto XP/Agile user group meeting.  Several user group regulars were lamenting about how nice it was to have a large Agile conference in town the previous year,  and how they regretted that the Agile Alliance was not returning in 1999.  The solution—organize our own local Agile conference!  Hence, the Toronto Agile Community was born.  Notably, several of the participants of that first conversation are still involved with TAC today.

The original organizers quickly got started with registering a new non-profit organization and turning a vision for an event into reality—securing a suitable venue and date, soliciting sponsors, setting up a program, registering attendees, and organizing logistics such as food and beverages and audio/video.  The first-ever Toronto Agile Community Fall Conference in October 1999, with about 150 attendees and Scott Ambler as our keynote, was a big success.  What followed was a string of larger and more successful Fall Conferences, culminating in the 2019 event at the Beanfield Centre, our largest and most successful conference to date.

In addition to the Fall Conference, in 2010, TAC also started organizing an annual Spring Open Space for local practitioners. The Open Space also quickly grew and is now a crucial part of TAC’s yearly program of events.

TAC’s motto is to “Growing Agile Locally”  After eleven consecutive years of organizing live events intended to deliver on this objective, in 2020, TAC is moving forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic by moving our annual program to online.  Our 2020 Open Space took place on May 30th, and we’re planning a Fall Conference for later this year.  Stay tuned for more details.

The TAC organizing committee would like to thank all of the volunteers, organizers, sponsors, presenters, attendees, venue staff and other folks, too numerous to name, who have helped make our events successful over the years.  We couldn’t have done it without you, and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Meet our amazing organizers.

Gautam Headshot

Gautam Salwan

Gautam is a passionate team builder and an advocate of Agile principles. He helps teams and organizations build a collaborative culture, deliver business and delivery solutions. In addition to helping people shine he loves gardening and all things nature.

Lawrence Ludlow

Lawrence has been using Agile techniques since 2000 to help development teams deliver successful software solutions.

Micheal Sahota

Michael’s background includes almost 20 years of professional and management experience in IT with entrepreneurial and enterprise companies.

Sriram (Sri) Natesan

Sri has coached multiple teams, business units and organizations, and has helped deliver value to customers and business to accomplish their goals.