2020 Fall Conference Questionnaire

TAC will not be organizing an in-person conference this Fall. But everyone is moving their events online this year, and online event fatigue is a reality that we can’t ignore. 

So, before we proceed, we wanted to get your feedback on how interested you’d be in attending an online version of the annual TAC conference and what types of content would make this event a compelling and worthwhile experience for you.

We are still assuming some basic parameters that we have held to in the past will remain unchanged:

– One-day event from 9AM to 5PM with one-hour lunch around Noon. 
– Weekday in late October or early November

Beyond these basic scheduling objectives, an online conference doesn’t have to follow a format similar to our traditional agenda. Our 2020 conference may be an opportunity to do something different with new content types and opportunities, but we need your input to gauge what will be valuable to you and the community.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.