Are You a Fresh Voice?

The Toronto Agile Community (TAC) Organizing Committee is looking for Fresh Voices — volunteers within and outside the Agile community who are interested in becoming more involved in our community, sharing knowledge, and helping grow our community and themselves. 

How will Fresh Voices Work?  The TAC Organizing Committee will be creating pairs of individuals or groups consisting of volunteers new to Agile and established practitioners to collaborate on initiatives to explore Agile-related topics of interest to our community.  The pairs/groups will act as self-organizing teams who will decide what they want to focus on, how they want to manage their work, and how best to share what they learn about their chosen topic.  The output could be, for example, a presentation at a future conference, a blog post on the TAC website, or a webinar.  TAC will focus on organizing and providing oversight and support wherever needed.

As a volunteer, what’s in it for me?  Getting involved with Fresh Voices will provide opportunities for you to:

·      Learn more about Agile

·      Connect with the community

·      Gain experience exploring a topic and presenting what you’ve learned

·      Share a message on a topic that you’re passionate about with the larger community

What does TAC have to gain?  An objective for the TAC Organizing Committee in 2022 is to expand our audience and connect with other communities.  We also have an organizational mandate to help grow the Agile community.  Fresh Voices will generate opportunities to create new connections and share knowledge from areas of interest to us all.

I’m interested, what’s next?  Please send a brief e-mail to (or click the button below) and include your name and e-mail address.  We’ll follow up with an invite to an information session to formally introduce the Fresh Voices initiative and explore how you can get involved. 

If you have any other questions or inquiries for us, we’re still here to support you. If you have a passion for the mission we are on and want to collaborate or provide feedback, please reach out to our organizing team by emailing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.