Fall 2022 Update

We’ve received several inquiries regarding our status and whether we are planning a Fall conference this year.

First, we want to assure everyone that TAC is alive and well, but we’ve taken a step back during the pandemic and don’t have plans for events in the immediate future.  Our current focus is on sponsoring other events, such as Agile Coach Camp and Play4Agile, to help support the local Agile community and maintain our presence.

Earlier this year, we considered organizing a Fall conference, as we have many times in past years, but decided to hold off. While the situation with COVID-19 is looking better, there is still a possibility of a resurgence or new wave in the Fall. Given the time, effort, and cost involved, we felt it was risky and irresponsible to commit to a sizeable in-person event in this environment.

We hope the situation will improve in 2023 to the point where we’ll be comfortable organizing live events without the possibility of new restrictions or having to manage public health and safety issues.  We’ll keep you posted!