Update & 2021 Recap

Hi community,

2021 has been a year of continued adaptation and resilience for all of us and the TAC organizing committee has been adapting this year by taking a step back. At the beginning of the year, the group was deliberate in shaping the vision for TAC moving forward to focus on expanding our community’s reach, unlocking connections not only for existing community members but also new groups that we may not have met yet. 

While brainstorming opportunities to achieve our vision, we reached out to all of you, members of the community, by sending out a survey to see what you were looking for and we came across a great intersection. The survey results validated the hypothesis that people aren’t just looking for another virtual event this year (as there are so many events happening virtually across the agile communities – see event calendar)  but rather something new and invigorating. Respondents were clear in wanting to mix things up with the people they hear from and what they’re tuning in to learn. 

We’ve decided to take the plunge by trying something new with all of you and experiment with a concept that we hope will be exciting for many. This idea originated at the Experience Agile conference and we are looking to test the concept here in our community. We are calling it Fresh Voices and early in 2022 we will be reaching out with more information on what it is and how to get involved.

Until then, we wish you rest and renewed energy over the coming weeks as we wrap up the year. Stay tuned for more experiments from TAC as we take on the New Year!

Happy holidays!