Toronto Agile Community is looking for Agile-minded organizations to help support the delivery of our program of planned events for the upcoming year starting in the Fall of 2023.  Our program over this time will comprise at least eight hybrid presentations (in-person and online), similar to the talks we recently organized on June 22nd and August 2nd, plus an Open Space event in Spring 2024 that will be similar to the popular Open Spaces that we ran annually prior to 2020.

Why are we looking for corporate supporters? 
We consider the Agile community to consist of not only individual Agilists, who can attend our events but also organizations interested in promoting Agile approaches.  This is not new—we have a long history of working with sponsors to help support the delivery of our events in the past.  Our plan to organize monthly events starting this Fall provides an opportunity for organizations to get involved and help support the delivery of this program.

How can my organization get involved? 
Support can take numerous forms.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A cash donation to help offset expenses for online subscriptions and other services that we use to deliver our program
  • Sponsorship of a particular event by providing food and drink or prizes for participants
  • Providing space for an event
  • Providing speakers (in context to our Agile community) for a presentation.  We recognize that having someone talk on behalf of an organization represents a direct cost to have an employee prepare for and attend a talk.

What are the benefits of being a supporter? 
Toronto Agile will commit to promoting supporters in the following ways:

  • Adding logos to a visible location on our website
  • Also, including logos in all communications that we send out (e.g., e-mail blasts, social media posts, etc.)
  • Recognizing supporters at our events, including monthly presentations and the Spring 2024 Open Space
  • Providing first consideration for future support opportunities, such as Sponsorship of our next Fall Conference in 2024 (details TBD)

If you have any questions or would like to commit to being a supporter, we invite you to contact us at